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CD Release

Channel Classics released a Musica Reale CD on 18 October 2015.

Two flute quartets and two bassoon quartets by the early 19th century French composer Devienne are performed by prominent members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, including solo flutist Kersten McCall and solo bassoonist Gustavo Núñez. These buoyant, refreshing, and rarely heard pieces are the work of the greatest flute virtuoso of his time and have featured with great success on Musica Reale’s programmes in Italy and Japan.

François Devienne Quartets

Channel Classics CCS SA 35415

François Devienne
Quartet for flute and string trio, op. 66 no. 1 in A minor (~1794)
Kersten McCall flute, Junko Naito violin, Saeko Oguma viola, Benedikt Enzler cello

Quartet for flute and string trio, op. 66 no. 3 in D major (~1794)
Kersten McCall flute, Junko Naito violin, Frederik Boits viola, Benedikt Enzler cello

Quartet for bassoon, violin, viola and cello, op. 73 no. 1 in C major (~1800)
Quartet for bassoon, violin, viola and cello, op. 73 no. 3 in G minor (~1800)
Gustavo Núñez bassoon, Anna de Veij Mestagh violin, Frederik Boits viola, Benedikt Enzler cello


… a serendipitous discovery to find that the four works by this forgotten composer on this beautifully recorded SACD from Channel Classics were so instantly beguiling.

… Both (Flute) Quartets demonstrate the elegance of Devienne’s writing not only for the flute soloist, who naturally is given a virtuoso part, but also the three string players. One could not imagine performances better than these given here by Kersten McCall, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s principal flute and his three colleagues ( Junko Naito, violin, Benedikt Enzler, cello, Saeko Oguma, viola (in No.1) and Frederik Boits, viola (in No. 2) whose lively and polished playing shows Devienne’s engaging works in the best possible light.

The Bassoon Quartets … Here the consummate bassoonist is Gustavo Núñez, widely acknowledged to be one of the finest players of his generation. He is ably supported by Anna de Veij, violin and, as in the flute quartets, by Frederik Boits, viola, and Bendikt Enzler, cello. … quite irresistible in the hands of these superb performers.”

… the lambent warmth of Channel’s 5.0 DSD recording … is outstanding for its clarity, perfect instrumental balance and tonal realism.

In every respect this disc is a gem and can be unequivocally recommended.

Graham Williams,
December 12, 2015 on
Performance: *****
Sonics (Stereo): *****
Sonics (Multichannel): *****

and February 11, 2016 on Classical CD Choice (


That the Musica Reale musicians play so superbly well is not surprising since they are all from the RCO; it’s the result of an initiative formed to bring together the orchestra’s musicians, in a variety of formations, to play chamber music “in all its aspects.

The sound is simply superb in all modes…

Laurence Vittes
January 10, 2016 on Audiophile Audition (
Rated: *****


Das Ensemble Musica Reale, bestehend aus Mitgliedern des Königlichen Concertgebouw Orchesters, hat seine Flötenquartette op. 66 und seine Fagottquartette op. 73 eingespielt – eine gelungene Neuaufnahme, zumal dieses Repertoire immer noch sträflich vernachlässigt wird. Doch die Wiederentdeckung dieser galanten, spielerischen Stücke, voller melodischer Einfälle und virtuoser Passagenwerke lohnt sich – vor allem dann, wenn sie so spritzig und lebendig gespielt wird.

Bettina Winkler
CD-Tipp vom 15.1.2016 aus der Sendung “SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik – Neue CDs”


Devienne’s flute quartets are as wonderful as Mozart’s ones. In addition to that, the sense of minor code of Devienne is unique. Mozart did not have that.

Musica Reale plays Devienne’s works so well that Mozart would have written bassoon quartets if he had listened to this CD.

Haruo Yamada, Music Critic, Japan
16 December 2016


L’ensemble Musica Reale est un collectif de musiciens, membres du célèbre Orchestre Royal du Concertgebouw d’Amsterdam. Avec une finesse de jeu, un sens inégalé du coloris instrumental et un phrasé enchanteur, ce dernier envoute de bout en bout, laissant l’auditeur pantois devant tant de beauté. La beauté de la musique de François Devienne, enfin réhabilitée dans un écrin éditorial incontournable. Une prise de son prégnante et incarnée achève de faire de ce SACD un grand moment musical inoubliable.

Jean-Jacques Millo

The ensemble Musica Reale is a group of musicians, all members of the famous Royal Orchestra of the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. With fine playing, an unequalled sense of instrumental color and enchanting phrasing, they captivate us from beginning to end, stunning the listener by so much beauty. The beauty of François Devienne’s music is here finally rehabilitated in a ground-breaking release. A sound recording which is rich and ripe, this SACD is a great and unforgettable musical moment.

Translation Lawrence Schulman

Opus Haute Définition e-magazine numéro 131, 14 mars 2016.
Rated: *Opus d’OR* Incontournable Opus D_or

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